Making a connection,
With the unknown.
The Penang State Art Gallery at Lebuh Light in Georgetown may not be listed as  the top art gallery in the Pearl of the Orient. Nevertheless, visiting the gallery, taking a slow walk in Dewan Sri Pinang, browsing through the exhibits is a calming experience. The gallery owns  a collection of modern and contemporary art.

On a Plate

On a plate,
Colourful flowers,
A pretty sight.
Why would pretty flowers be put on a plate and not in a vase?


On a stool,
Make perfect.
In Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia,  a stool at a homestay caught my eye. The father said his son helped him made it. Little things make a father proud.

Going Out to Sea

Going out to sea,
Early in the morning,
Earning a living.
In Kuala Sepetang near Taiping, Perak, you can find houses on stilts. A thriving community of Chinese fishermen have been there for a very long time yet. Wonder if all those people there make a ton of money.

Introducing Snapshots of Life!

There is a travel blog called Beautiful World, another that has nothing to do with traveling but which features miniature doll houses and a number of other unrelated blogs in Netsphere, all sharing this name that I thought it's high time to redo my very own long abandoned Beautiful World. Never mind if there's no such word as  Netsphere in the English language but this is for sure -  This Beautiful World will get a new name; not John, George, Jack or Rumpeltstilkin or Rip van Winkle definitely; but I think I'll just post photos here in Snapshots of Life! and write just about anything l fancy. Never mind, if nobody reads!Here's a photo just for you:
Birds,Dangling in the garden,                              A pretty sight.

Smile Quotes



A  statue of Virgin Mary at St Thomas Church in Subang Jaya, Malaysia has created ripples. Catholics are flocking to see the polyresin statue which had turned into porcelain. A priest had described the statue as being filled with life, having lots of tears in her eyes and smiling when the congregation sang "Ave Maria". Besides talking to the priest, expressing her desire to come to the church more often and  wanting the congregation to pray to her, the statue had also grown taller by 3 inches. You'd think a baby takes years to grow and such a nuisance when it cries!