Take Note!

Just a little book,
To take note,
Of the present.
Once, there was this little book popularly known as buku  tiga lima, that's Malay for three five book, sold in sundry shops in Malaysia. The book was used to record debts of customers who buy things on credit. No prizes for guessing right why the book was called  three five book.

Time of Your Life

Have the time,
Of your life,
Out of  a bottle!

Just look at the name of some cocktails : Yellow bird, hurricane,  dirty martini, zombie, death in the afternoon, devil's cocktail etc. It's not just their looks but their names do spell so much excitement. Indeed, the devil's drink can be so much fun. Cheers!

Ready to Serve

Cut up,
Cut out,
All ready to serve.
In North America, it seems cut up refers to a person who is fond of making jokes or playing the fool while cut out is of a person, leaving quickly to avoid a boring or awkward situation. All have a tendency to serve!


A cherry makes,
Of you!
Sometimes, it just takes a single, simple touch to make things look good and turn up well.

Rays of Hope

Of hopes,
Bring joys!
When talking about hopes, I assume that it is all the more important in difficult times; when nature is being ravished by nature itself, like when there is a big tsunami or bush fire or earthquake and the blame falls on the shoulders of men when not all men are at fault. Then, in places which are bestowed with natural delights like a place where there is no tsunami, no bush fire or earthquake to talk about, there are always corrupted men who delight in spewing hatred, creating havoc and tensions among fellow humans. Even when all these are interpreted as the end of the world is near, we still plod on and hope for the best, don't we?

Granny Gracious!

Look at that!
Granny is taking a ride!
Wait for me!
Grannies are usually old; but some can be fun too, don't you think?


Brew a pot,
For all.
Tea, the aromatic beverage said to be the most widely consumed drink in the world after water; is easy to prepare. Just pour hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, the evergreen shrub native to East Asia and there, you can have a pot for a great many people!